Raw X Studios To Launch Pop-Up Music Academy In Collaboration With The J&B Hive!

Raw X Studios in partnership with the J&B Hive is launching a pop-up music academy called We Make Better Music Than You (WMBMTU). Led by award winning producer-artist pH, five lucky interns will work on a special album to celebrate the studio’s 10 years in the industry. The album will feature some of South Africa’s rising as well as top hip-hop stars.

pH Raw X_black_resize

The production house behind critically acclaimed albums such as KO’s Skhanda Republic, Khuli Chana’s Lost In Time and AKA’s Alter Ego is looking for five talented producer/composers to form part of the WMBMTU academy.

To enter visit http://www.thehivejohannesburg.com/wmbmtu/ or send your original productions/links to info@phrawx.com. The search and selection process is now open until Wednesday, 24 May. Applications are not limited to hip-hop, any genre is welcome. Read More

#FeatureFriday | Meet Vanessa Majoro

Artist Statement by Vanessa Majoro

My work is an expression of my frustration, acceptance and finally a celebration of everything that it means to be black to me, personally in this present age. As a child, you’re in some ways shielded from the realities that we face as black people and this card we’ve been dealt. We dream, we kinda plan out our futures too. But it doesn’t turn into reality for so many of us. We are still unemployed, even with a University degree. There are still thousands of homes without clean water or electricity. We still live in “two rooms” where we need to pull out old flat mattresses to sleep on at night, if we’re lucky to even have a mattress or more than “one room”. We still take turns on who gets to sleep on the bed at night.

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