Design Joburg 2017 | 12 May 2017

As Africa’s eclectic energy continues to inspire lifestyle trends across the globe, Media 10 is delighted to announce the inaugural edition of Design Joburg; Gauteng’s new premier, contemporary and decorative design show poised to become one of South Africa’s leading annual events, taking place 12–14 May 2017 in the heart of Sandton.

For the first time in South Africa, Media 10 is bringing a groundbreaking number of the best design brands under one roof, combining the pioneers and trailblazers of the design world, to create an unprecedented design event.


Design Joburg is set to become a new focus for exceptional design, quality and inspiration and will showcase innovative highlights at the show.

These will include:

// Alluring room-sets

// Never before seen collaborative exhibits

// Uniquely curated installations and features

// The latest technology for the home

// Talks by local and international industry stalwarts

// A host of satellite events across the city

Besides the local design focus, Media 10 will be drawing on their access to international trends and innovators to offer a uniquely global perspective for both industry and public.

#CoolSpaces | Walkersons Hotel & Spa Welcomes A New Cottage!

Walkersons Hotel & Spa, positioned in the rolling hills of Mpumalanga highlands with beautiful views, endless vistas and unrivalled serenity, just beyond the picturesque hamlet of Dullstroom, is thrilled to announce the addition of a new cottage, the Waterfall Cottage, to its coterie of self-catering cottages.

A perfect blend of elegance and charm Walkersons Hotel & Spa offers five-star indulgence with a choice of 27 luxurious hotel suites where each suite boasts elegant décor, stylishly appointed bathrooms and large verandas; and for those guests who prefer the independence of self-catering options, there are fully furnished, self-catering cottages situated in prime locations on the 800-hectare Walkersons Estate. Read More

#FeatureFriday | Meet Jason Thorne and Sharp-Lee Mthimkulu

Jason Thorne and Sharp-Lee Mthimkulu

Braamfontein, Johannesburg

Motion graphics and visual effects studio


Business Name: Black-Belt

Founded: 2016

Employees: 5 intern trainees


28-year-old motion designer – Jason Thorne and 27-year-old branding specialist – Sharp-Lee Mthimkulu are the founders of Black-Belt – a motion graphics and visual effects studio. Respectively from Cape Town and Johannesburg, Jason and Sharp-Lee envision their brand as a benchmark for creative professionals who have mastered their skill. Black-Belt aims to make a vibrant contribution to the entertainment industry, while giving back to young creatives. Indeed, the founders of Black-Belt are passionate about what they do. They mostly believe in training and sharing. Their entrepreneurship journey is characterised by their desire to give back through elevating young creatives’ skill level.


For more on Black-Belt: Website | Instagram

#FeatureFriday | Meet Theo Baloyi

Alexandra, Johannesburg

Shoe line business


Business Name: Bathu

Founded: 2015

Employees: 1 full-time employee and 2 sales representatives


Theo Baloyi is the 26-year-old CEO of Bathu; a shoe line which aims at telling a township story to the world. Through Bathu, this passionate and driven entrepreneur from Alexandra strives to provide unique and original products to his clients and wishes to develop a relatable and genuine South African shoe brand. Facing the hardships of starting a shoe line from scratch, Theo has managed to expand his business thanks to the faith he has always had in his project. The company’s pledge is to always bring in novelty to the market while designing affordable and stylish shoes for all.


For more on Bathu: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

#FeatureFriday | Meet Vanessa Majoro

Artist Statement by Vanessa Majoro

My work is an expression of my frustration, acceptance and finally a celebration of everything that it means to be black to me, personally in this present age. As a child, you’re in some ways shielded from the realities that we face as black people and this card we’ve been dealt. We dream, we kinda plan out our futures too. But it doesn’t turn into reality for so many of us. We are still unemployed, even with a University degree. There are still thousands of homes without clean water or electricity. We still live in “two rooms” where we need to pull out old flat mattresses to sleep on at night, if we’re lucky to even have a mattress or more than “one room”. We still take turns on who gets to sleep on the bed at night.

Read More

Mercedes-Benz Bokeh Fashion Film Festival!

The 3rd Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South Africa International Fashion Film Festival that wowed guests earlier this year in Cape Town presented an insightful teaser at their 101 Event to press and fans on 15th September at Wembley Studios, Cape Town. The event showcased a premier selection of the best new fashion film submissions received thus far for the 2107 festival! Read More